Advantages for members of the OCEANUS association

  • Participation in workshops: As a member 15 – 20% discount
  • Participation in the trials: As a member 15 – 20% discount
  • Platinum feed purchase at OCEANUS at a bulk purchase discount, Information Sundari Grünenfelder
  • Shop OCEANUS: More discounts for our members

OCEANUS International Water Work FOR Dogs, is an international association, based in Switzerland. It is recognised by the Swiss Cynological Society (SKG).

As a recognised association, we have the support of the SKG and its affiliated Technical Commission for Working and Sporting Dogs (TKGS) and can therefore offer tests. We would like to take this opportunity to thank SKG and TKGS for their always prompt and helpful support within our examination organisation, in the allocation of national and international titles, the judge’s exemption, as well as the data reservation for international examinations for the trials for Portuguese Water Dogs.

Automatic member of the SKG

As a member of OCEANUS, which is affiliated to the SCC, you are automatically also a member of the SCC. Their advantages can be found on the SKG website.

As an association, we also have obligations and guidelines towards the SKG, such as the transmission of member data (surname, first name, gender, date of birth, residential address, telephone number, e-mail address and date of joining the association) to the SKG annually (Data sheet).

Members who have registered their dog in Switzerland are already registered by Amicus with these data of the dog and the owner. Municipalities register dog owners and maintain their addresses, veterinarians mark dogs and take over the initial registration. Dog owners report mutations. Since autumn 2019, the SKG database has also been linked to Amicus, as is already the case in the municipalities. For the transmission of your data to the SKG member bank, you, as a dog owner, are asked to use Amicus.

OCEANUS membership form

Simply fill out the membership application form and send it to We are looking forward to you!