One regulation for everyone – The same water work in all countries for all PWDs

The approval for the water work trails is only for the breed of the Portuguese water dogs. We see this requirement as great luck for this special dog breed, which needs to be maintained.

By securing water work, we want to keep the breed of Portuguese water dogs as working dogs. The focus on the PWD and its functionality and character.

We assume that a dog does not care which place it reaches in a trial. The main thing for the dog is that he had joy with ‘his person’.

The goal

One and the same regulation for all countries

  • Taking part in the trials is fun for the dog and owner.
  • The regulations show clear guidelines for judges and participants.
  • The regulations are short and crisp
  • The regulations are applicable in all countries (local special circumstances are dealt with in the regulations: fresh and salt water, cold and dark water, currents etc.)
  • After reaching level 3 or the international champion, it is still interesting to participate in the water work.
  • Standardized trial tools

To edit


  • What should the trials ensure that participating is a pleasure?
  • Diving depths
  • Time measurement while swimming (in Portugal no time is measured according to the regulations)
  • Description of trial tools (weight, mass, color, etc.)
  • Clear definition of the obidience requirement within the three levels
  • Level I: For PWDs from 6 months!
  • How can we continue to make the participation in trials exciting for the teams after reaching level 3 or the international championship?
  • Are people with a physical disability integrated in the regulations?

All about the regulations:

  • Same requirement for judges and their judge training
  • A regular meeting of judges (same judge standards, space for discussions / questions, handling)
  • the same trial documents